The roller slipper test file for cool displayMetal shell, single output 2.4 A, support intelligent identificationVINTON two-port car charger shell is made of metal + PC, with A single output of 2.4 A, ...
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The roller slipper test file for cool display
Metal shell, single output 2.4 A, support intelligent identification
VINTON two-port car charger shell is made of metal + PC, with A single output of 2.4 A, which supports intelligent identification. From the previous 3C certification catalogue, you can find that meizu also has a non-quick-filling double-mouth travel charger, with a single output of 5v2.4a, which is 5v3.4a.
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  • Product size:output current: 2A
  • Product material:silver aluminum alloy
  • Manufacturer:VINTON
  • Weight:45g
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The growth of the outdoor retail industry is declining, and corporate earnings growth is slowing down, even declining. How to reverse the trend? The first thing an enterprise should do is analyze the external situation, analyze its internal advantages and disadvantages, make choices and trade-offs, which is what people often say is "strategic management".

The strategy has different schools, different models, and we use the ecirm strategy model to make a simple analysis of the outdoor industry and try to find out the future direction.
The strategy model of the ecirm includes: entrepreneurs, industry, capital, resources and management of five elements, different industries, different stages of enterprise, and different weights of five elements. To the current outdoor retail industry strategy management, the most critical is the industry, management and the entrepreneur three elements.

Industry is crucial to the survival and development of the enterprise, because the market determines the amount and scale the growth of the enterprise space, while the industry is in different position in the industry of enterprise internal, profit ability are also quite different. Michael porter says: "it's an important step in making a strategy that entrepreneurs have to focus on defining what the business is doing." Therefore, enterprises should first optimize the industrial strategy, including defining the market boundaries, clarifying strategic choices and reengineering the process.

Regardless of the direction of the enterprise, the core competitiveness of development and efficiency of operation are necessary. Only with customer-oriented can the direction be accurate, only precision can improve efficiency. The consumer demand in the retail industry drives the data flow, the data flow drives the capital flow and information flow, so only the data can be accurate. Therefore, the direction of enterprise operation efficiency is to operate with the data of the customer as the center.

"An enterprise can only grow in the intellectual space of an entrepreneur," drucker said. In different sizes and periods, enterprises require different management styles of entrepreneurs. The growth of enterprises requires the breakthrough of entrepreneurs. Depending on the path dependence theory, the choices people make in the past determine the choices they now have, and all choices will be influenced by path dependence. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to constantly introspect and reflect, and improve their mind through continuous practice, breaking path dependence and helping enterprises to grow in reverse.

First, optimize the industrial strategy

1. Define market boundaries
The outdoor market is about 20 billion yuan, and the outdoor goods industry is the intersection of the clothing industry and the sports goods industry. The market size of the garment industry is about 1 trillion yuan, 50 times that of the outdoor industry. The total output value of sports is 1.8 trillion yuan, of which the sporting goods are RMB 140 billion.

When the growth of the outdoor industry slows, companies can consider expanding their market borders and entering the clothing industry or sports industry. The specific decision making selection is influenced by the company's own resources, the profit level and the competition status of the new industry.

Outdoor clothing can be understood as functional clothing under certain circumstances. With the popularization of fabric technology, production technology and cost reduction, more and more common garments have added functionality, including: quick drying, perspiration, windproof, waterproof, warm and so on.

Archaeopteryx has a number of business casual short-sleeved shirts, soft shell pants. The positioning of the French brand of aigao is in the business casual style that tends to have outdoor functions. The men's clothing brand, hailan house, has a business casual trench coat with the same style as aigao. The price tag of the price tag of ai gao fengyi is RMB 3,290, the discount price of Tmall is 2300 yuan, and the price tag of hailan house is 560 yuan.

Leisure wear brand nadia's urban stormcoat, Tmall price is 259 yuan. Many of uniqlo's products have increased speed drying, wind protection, warmth, rain proofing and other functions. The above information indicates that outdoor brands are expanding their market boundaries and increasing their business leisure series. Men's and casual wear brands are adding functionality to the outdoor category. Competition in the future is complex, often with unexpected competitors, quietly competing for our share.

Decathlon is a sporting goods retailer, including outdoor series. Decathlon's outdoor line is complete, covering most outdoor clothing and supplies. And the price economy of decathlon, the spring and autumn charge clothes only sold 349 yuan, the price competitiveness is very strong. Sporting goods retailers are also expanding their market borders and covering the outdoor goods industry.

So companies in the outdoor apparel industry need to consider redefining market boundaries.

2. Select the location of industrial chain
The industrial chain is composed of enterprises of different division of labor, the industrial chain of different composition relationships is different, and the profitability of enterprises in different positions in the industrial chain is different. In the competition, the inefficient industry chain will fail to dissolve, and the enterprises in the chain will be affected by different degrees. Customers need cheap and good products. The efficiency of the industrial chain is reflected in the price of the final customer's purchase and the degree to which the product meets the customer's needs.

Demand is changing faster, demand is more diverse and more complex. The operating environment requires that the industrial chain data be free and efficient. Only in this way can the industry chain be able to meet the needs of customers better.

Generally speaking, enterprises that are closer to consumers in the industrial chain have greater control over the industrial chain and become more profitable. So outdoor retailers are the main controllers of outdoor industrial chains. Of course, component brands can also influence consumers directly. The classic case of other industries is Intel's Intel inside brand strategy. Gore-tex, a water-resistant fabric of the outdoor industry, has also succeeded in building component brands and gaining influence in the industry.

At present, the outdoor industry, the pathfinder is sold through the agent, the position of the industrial chain should be the brand dealer, the three husband is the agent.

It has the shortest sales chain as the dominant industry chain. From a cost perspective, the most able to reduce the purchase price of the final customer. The data flow is smooth, the collaboration efficiency is the highest, can respond to the customer's demand quickly. Uniqlo, Zara and decathlon are all private label specialty retailers.

Industries are different, and the industrial chain can be innovative. As long as the efficiency of the industrial chain is improved, it is a good way. Pathfinder tries to acquire agents to explore store direct management, but needs to address the cost of financial and human resource standardization. The company sells its own brand of outdoor clothing in existing stores and is also an active attempt to sell its own branded specialty retailers.

Detailed here shall be limited to space is no longer, the author's book contrarian growth - how dry clothing retail, have elaborate about organization design principle of the industrial chain, and has many clothing retail enterprise case analysis.

The state of the outdoor industry is similar to what the men's wear industry has in 2012. At that time, men's clothing wholesale enterprises with brand of industrial chain mode, agent sales, exchange fair twice a year, the dominated by brand wholesalers of industrial chain in terms of cost, data flow, synergy degree at a disadvantage. And at that time, own brand of professional retail ShangHaiLan house, seized the opportunity, with the design of more and more low price to better meet the needs of the consumers, rapid growth from 2012 to 2012.

The annual compound growth rate of total sales and overall operating profit was 32%, 23%, total sales volume and total operating profit was 14 billion yuan and 4 billion yuan. The annual compound growth rate of single store sales and operating profit is 15%, 7%, and the absolute value of single store sales and operating profit is RMB 509, 960,000 yuan.

In the meantime, seven wolves and other fujian men's men's overall revenue and profit, as well as the single-store profit continued to decline. One of the key reasons for the rise and fall is the different industrial chain structure of the home and the seven wolves, as well as the impact of the purchase price, data flow and synergistic efficiency of the final customer.

Therefore, outdoor industry manufacturers need to further study of their enterprise of the industry chain, as well as to the final customer acquisition cost, the influence of collaborative efficiency and data flow, the dominate actively adjust the industrial chain.

3. Selection strategy
At present, the growth rate of outdoor market capacity is slowing, the market supply exceeds demand, the competition in the industry is intensifying, and the consumer demand is changeable. In this context, outdoor retail enterprises will grow in reverse, first to better meet consumer demand. Consumer demand or the same products are cheaper, or offer different value to other companies in terms of goods, relationships and brand image, and the premium is reasonable. For retail enterprises, the value of offering to customers includes: commodity service, relationship and image, as shown below.

Different customer value elements correspond to different core competencies, while the resources of any enterprise are limited. Customer value is therefore difficult to comprehensive consideration, can choose according to own resources endowment part of customer value, the development of the corresponding core competitiveness to strengthen the customer value, compared with competitors to establish competitive advantage. The advantage is that the same goods are cheaper, or that the commodity service, relationship and image convenience provide more value, charging a reasonable premium.

Based on the customer value and the competition strategy of Michael porter, the basic strategic choice of retail enterprises is divided into three categories: 1. Product lead; Customer relationship leads. Often, companies choose a strategy. Enterprises can also choose one or two strategies at the same time, or adopt different strategic choices for different subgroups. Such management is more difficult and requires more resources.

The companies that operate the leading strategy have great advantages in the combination of goods, prices and convenience. Uniqlo and decathlon are the companies that implement the leading strategy. Product leading strategy of enterprises, and constantly introduce innovative products, can first appear on the market of new products, product novelty is very strong, archaeopteryx of outdoor industry brands is a leading product strategy, Zara is a leading operation + product leading strategy.

In the author's book "how to do business with the contrarian growth", the author has a detailed description of strategy, customer value and retail model, which can be deeply understood.
Each enterprise has its own strategic choice to build competitive advantage, but many enterprises are not clear enough. Every business has a strategy, but many have no strategic process management. Strategic ambiguity and lack of strategic management can lead to the inability to coordinate limited resources and invest in the development of core competitiveness.
Therefore, outdoor retail enterprises need according to their own resources endowment, competition situation, clarify the optimize their strategic choice, reallocating resources (capital, information, data, people, time), to strengthen the relevant customer value, thereby boosting profitability.



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